Le H I G H 5 C O L L E C T I V E

We Guard our Cemeteries with Gates and Guns



We’re taught we have to sell ourselves constantly

Capitalization at it’s finest
Broken hearts
Open souls
Dug out as hollow cups
To drink each other’s swirling passion
As finger tips massage tense ego’s flapping gums

Oh me oh my
How the cold fascists market our lives
So free
Hoping that we sink
Our teeth into paper
and ink
and even each other

All born from earth parents
Cultivated in the minds of the societal garden
Then picked and packed into cartons
To be consumed until they’re empty and
stuffed into lined plastic caskets
Almost one in every room
Taken to the street when Waste-full
To be hauled by unknown stained flannel worker bees
In dark screeching steel caverns of rot
To giant compact sink holes
With one cover
All Plaque
Posted on the locked iron gate

Where some have memories still living
To separate the dirt by name
When in truth
Nothing below of them remains
But decomposing food
To furnish the future
Cartons for consumption

Recycalization at it’s finest

Cell Phones are Bar Codes
and Names are only Numbers

Be your own Breath and
Make love to the Sky

the Earth
Consumes You.

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